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Be Kind To Someone

Be Kind ShellIs it time to  be kind to someone? Random acts of kindness stimulate dopamine and serotonin, two ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain associated with happiness and reward. I was on a beach on Monday and a young girl gave me this beautiful shell she’d collected whilst beachcombing with her mother. She was so pleased to offer it to me as it was so beautiful and I was so touched to receive it and her kindness. Made me feel so good.

Be Kind to Someone – Yourself

Find your own special place to go to to be you. Have somewhere that means something to you where you can get away from it all, relax, reflect and calm. It might be somewhere just like this. Being kind to yourself is an incredibly exhilarating thing to do and has a powerful and positive impact on your mind and body.

Another aspect that reflects the need to be kind to someone – Yourself – is that you build your resilience with a positive mental attitude. Viewing a situation from the upside, rather than downside will energise you and build your capacity to cope. As in this saying by Walter Scott “For success, attitude is as important as ability.”

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