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Listen, Learn, Plan, Act, Review, Improve

This is my Mantra. A bit clunky perhaps, but it sums up my approach to life, work and everything in between. And you don’t need to do them in the same order!


Everything good starts with good listening


The day you stop learning is the day you start to become irrelevant


Everyone needs a plan…of some sort. Even if it just defines what you intend to achieve today. That’s a great start


Action without a plan is just passing the time. A plan without action is simply a dream. Make great use of your diary, its the single most important tool you possess to help put put those plans into action.


When you review, you reflect, you learn, you improve and you become more resilient. And more mindful of what is good and important in your life.


All about adjusting based on reviewed experience. Make it constant. If you do something 1% better each and every week, it only takes 18 months and you’ll be twice as good as you were. Make that 2% and its about 10 months. Awesome. And doable.

Practice using the six elements of our Mantra and you will be a better, more effective, more resilient and probably much happier person.

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