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Be aware of your self-talk

Your self-talk is that little voice chattering away to you in your head. It’s telling you things about yourself – typically how you perceive yourself and what you must/mustn’t, should/shouldn’t do. This internal chatter is an interference that uses up vital energy, blocks other thinking processes and stifles creativity.

Here are some tips on you can free yourself and look at life from a different perspective.

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Praise yourself for a good job done and hold on to the thoughts of those good things so you don’t change your mind later!


Do not let other people’s inability to show appreciation affect you. Most people don’t think about offering praise – they’re too busy and too wrapped up in their own lives.


Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself how fabulous you are!


Each evening, before retiring, identify three things that have gone well that day. This is a powerful way to raise self-esteem.


Find the good in yourself. Reflect on your strengths regularly. This knowledge will boost your self-confidence.


Reflect on your limitations. They are not ‘weaknesses’ – that’s a dreadful word – they’re just not part of your skill set, and you have so many other things that are. There’s no point in beating yourself up.


Always have what drives you at the front of your mind. By knowing what your core values are, you will be more confident making positive decisions.


Practice your positive self-talk frequently in your mind, or even in the mirror. This reinforces the positive – and, in time, means you will automatically think positively rather than negatively when that situation reoccurs.


Always celebrate your successes. The reward could be something very small, such as a cup of tea, or it could be something beautiful and significant which will remind you of your achievement every time you see it.

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