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Build your self-confidence

Self-confidence is defined as ‘How we feel, in general, about our ability to perform in roles, functions, tasks and situations’. Feeling confident generates an expectation that you’ll succeed.

Here are some tips to grow your self-confidence.

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Don’t try to do it all at once – take any changes steadily and step by step.


Look for ways to expand your comfort zone by periodically taking a risk. This might be speaking up on something you don’t agree with in a meeting.


Don’t expect everyone to like you. If you do, you won’t develop anything but compromising skills.


Give the impression through your body language and voice that you are confident – in time this will become the norm and you’ll feel more confident.


Give yourself permission to make a mistake. It’s the best learning opportunity.


Mix with confident people – it rubs off.


Optimise your mental and physical wellbeing with a good diet, plenty of sleep and exercise to build your internal strength.


Practice self-talk in the mirror. Rehearsing at least four times will help you when you come to do it for real.


Keep a diary of our progress and score your self-confidence. There will still be some bad times if you’ve taken an unexpected knock but you’ll be able to see where you’ve made progress.


Get yourself a new outfit that makes you feel fabulous!

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