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Healing from strong emotional reactions and pain

There are times when emotional pain can be too intense or overwhelming. If this is the case and in order to help you cope, then you need to practice techniques that will help you successfully detach from the situation.

Here are some examples of detachment techniques. They become easier and better if practiced for a few minutes a day for several weeks. It is even more powerful to practice these techniques while maintaining a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

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1Out of body experience:

a. Think of a time when you were stressed or had negative thoughts or feelings

b. Imagine stepping out of your body leaving behind all those responses.

c. Notice how you become calmer, cooler and more rational as you undertake point b).

d. Having done a) to c) for a minute or two, return to point a). Notice how you can keep a sense of detachment while returning to this point.


Repeat the following phrases regularly to help you detach yourself from destructive emotions or feelings:

§ ‘I have behaviours but I am more than those behaviours’.

§ ‘I have feelings but I am more than those feelings’.

§ ‘I have thoughts but I am more than those thoughts’.

§ ‘I am greater than those behaviours, feelings and thoughts’.

§ ‘I control them, they do not control me’.


Imagine a Perspex bell-jar surrounding you.

Imagine this container stops other people’s bad thoughts and feelings from touching you. They are blocked out totally.

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