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How to enhance your self-awareness


Self-awareness is the capacity to reflect on yourself and identify and understand the meaning of the different aspects that make up ‘you’. These features include personality, thoughts, habits, motivations, feelings, emotions and behaviours. In other words, it is asking yourself ‘who am I?’

Understanding of the dimensions that make up you, enables you to read them in others and as a result, recognise the impact you could have on others. It’s key to creating powerful relationships.

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Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses regularly. What could you do to improve your strengths further? Is there anything you could do, such as training, to improve on your weaknesses?


Always have ‘what drives you’ at the front of your mind. What drives you is your core values. By knowing what your core values are, you will be more confident making decisions.


Praise yourself for a good job done. Do not let other people’s inability to show appreciation affect you. Tell yourself daily how fabulous you are and each evening, before retiring, identify three things that have gone well today that you are grateful for. This self-talk is a powerful way to raise self-esteem.


Find ways to reduce worry and anxiety. By reducing or eliminating these, you will grow your self-confidence. Stress management techniques such as mindfulness can help to calm the mind and help you to think clearly.


If you ever doubt that you are worthy, stop and reflect on your successes. You will soon realise that you have every right to be there.


Ask for feedback – it’s the most powerful way to know what you didn’t know!

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