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How to grow your self-esteem

Self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself. It’s the overall emotional evaluation of your sense of self-worth or personal value and is founded on the beliefs you have about yourself. Self-esteem is also heavily influenced by the impact you allow other people and situations to have on you. Here are some tips to grow your self-esteem.

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Forget perfection – life isn’t perfect so who told you this work had to be. We’re all human and a mistake is a learning opportunity to help your development


Behave according to your values. It will ease your mind and when challenged and make you feel more optimistic and resilient


Spend time with positive people. Avoid that Moaning Minnie in the office or the person who see everything with doom and gloom – they’ll drop your mood


Take compliments as a gift to our self-esteem. Don’t feel embarrassed, say ‘thank you, it’s kind of you to say that’. You will appear more confident by doing this and more likely to receive more


Find something challenging to do, inside or outside work. Reward yourself when you reach a new level of competence.


Deal with people who put you down in an assertive way by challenging them politely on what they have said


Take regular exercise. Even if it’s ‘just’ walking, it boosts endorphins in the brain – the happy hormones


Lose the ‘I want everyone to like me’ attitude. We’re all different and there will always be someone we don’t get along with


Find the good in yourself. Stop that negative self-talk. Positive people are more productive and more successful which is hardly surprising when low self-esteem has such a negative impact on you


Acknowledge the good things you have done. Keep a note of these in a diary or smartphone and regularly read it – it will give you a boost when you feel low.

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