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Maintaining a healthy diet when eating out

Eating out can make sticking to a diet tricky so here are a few tips to guide you to make healthier choices. Of course, if your meal out is a treat then eat whatever you want and enjoy it.

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§ When deciding on a starter, first consider whether you would eat one at home. It might be better to skip the starter, especially if you plan to have a big main dish.

§ Consider ordering a starter and salad, or two starters, as your main meal, or share a starter.

§ Choose low‑fat high‑fibre soups such as vegetable or lentil soup. Avoid smooth, creamy soups.

§ Deep‑fried starters are high in fat and calories so they are best avoided.

§ If you have bread eat it plain or dip in olive oil rather than spreading it with butter.

§ If ordering a salad ask for the dressing to be served separately. This way you can control the quantity. Choose a salad without grated cheese, fried croutons, or a special dressing such as Caesar dressing.

Main Dishes

§ Choose grilled, baked, or roast poultry breast, fish, and shellfish which are low in fat.

§ Opt for tomato‑based pasta sauces rather than cheese or meat‑based.

§ Order the smallest portion of meat, or share. If you are hungry order extra vegetables and salad.

§ Select horseradish, salsa, lemon or lime juice, or mustard instead of rich, high‑fat condiments such as soured cream or mayonnaise.


§ Opt for a healthier dessert such as fruit salad or fresh berries, which are packed with vitamins. If possible avoid the cream.

§ Avoid fruit pies and tarts. The pastry is high in fat.

§ Sorbet is a better choice than higher fat ice cream.

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