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Overcome imposter syndrome


Imposter Syndrome is a type of self-doubt where you feel a fraud; that one day people will come to and realise that you don’t actually know as much as you have lead them to believe you do, and that you’re not worthy to be there.

It’s not unusual, especially amongst high achievers and it isn’t a problem, unless it starts to inhibit you from putting yourself forward for something new and challenging. Watch out though, people who experience Imposter Syndrome, usually work much harder to demonstrate they are worthy of being there. This puts you in danger of burning out.

Here are some tips on how to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

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Explore the reasons why you believe you are a fake and unworthy of this position/job. What concrete evidence do you have? Feelings are not facts!


Take time to identify the activities you are lacking confidence in and have a conversation with you manager on to improve your skills and knowledge.


Regularly look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself ‘If I was appointed to this role, I deserve to be here’.


Review your accomplishments regularly. So often we fail to recognise our successes because they have used talents that come naturally to us.


Don’t take criticism personally. Tell yourself that it’s constructive feedback that will make you even more fabulous.


Don’t be derailed by a failure, mistakes or knock-back. This is a normal part of life. Free these thoughts from your mind.


Go with the flow and stop viewing everything you do as a test. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure.


Accept compliments with the grace they were delivered. If you try to brush them aside and belittle them then you’re just feeding the syndrome.


Resist any perfectionist tendencies. Nothing is perfect, so stop trying.


Don’t isolate yourself. Seek out other women and share your stories. You’ll find these feelings are normal and common.

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