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Top tips to aid recovery from adrenal fatigue

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Lie down during work breaks:

· Brief (15-30 minute rest) at 10am and

· Brief (15-30 minute rest) between 3 – 5 pm



· Avoid highly competitive events and the gym

· Practice breathing exercises

· Practice relaxation exercise; Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi


Get enough sleep

· Early to bed: 9 – 9:30pm

· Get 7 to 8 hours restful uninterrupted sleep


When you wake in the morning:

· Sleep until 9am whenever possible

· Don’t get out of bed until you can think of something pleasant

· Expect something good to happen that day



· It’s healing as it stimulates the calming side of the nervous system.

· Consider films, books, humorous people etc


Actively diffuse tension & stress:

· Relaxation methods such as hot bath, relaxing music

· Back & shoulder massage

· Breathing exercises which use the diaphragm

· Use reframing techniques to shift your thinking


Take care with your diet:

· Eat regular meals; breakfast, snack (10 – 10:30am), lunch, snack (3:30 – 4pm), evening meal

· Have your breakfast by 10am

· Sit down to eat in a calm place and chew your food well

· If you feel tense before eating, do some relaxing breathing exercises

· Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes

· Avoid white refined carbohydrates and foods containing fructose, glucose, corn syrup, dextrose or sugar in the ingredients and junk food


Make time for yourself

· Have time to do something without interruptions that will refresh you

· Socialise in an enjoyable way

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