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“Susan brings her substantial professional expertise to the physical and mental strains which feel increasingly common in modern life, with a welcome focus on practical advice and support for young people making their way in the world.”

“Preventing burn out is an issue the Association for Business Psychology is keen to support. Susan has taken the time to explore this topic which should be of importance to any organisation which employs staff.

In this book (How to Prevent Burnout), Susan has taken the time to explore critical issues; it is filled with theory, case studies, activities, questionnaires, tools and tips and covers the physical and mental aspect of wellbeing (mind and body)”.

"I have read this excellent book as a mother of young professionals and an employer of young professionals and have found it invaluable. It is extremely readable, insightful and most importantly inspires the reader with compelling evidence at a physical and emotional level. It does so in a most inspiring and helpful way that encourages the reader to own their own fate.

This is a book for "you". As an experienced professional I wish I had access to this earlier in my career but now it has been valuable as a tool for me in understanding the challenges to wellbeing we all face today.

This is a great book for personal resilience for individuals and employers alike. A must read."

"With 'How to Prevent Burnout' Susan Scott has provided Young Professionals with another excellent guide. This time it’s on how to prevent burnout and reignite your life and career.

Burnout is notoriously difficult to identify with signs and symptoms sometimes indistinguishable from depression. Both conditions are potentially very dangerous to our health and wellbeing, so avoiding burnout is vitally important for a happy and successful professional and personal life.

This guide beautifully balances the nutritional and psychological aspects of burnout, how it impacts on us and how to prevent burnout from occurring in the first place."

"I was managing a difficult project with a difficult manager with a lot of big stressful events happening at the same time in my personal life. I ended up burning out which really affected me emotionally.

Susan supported me and helped me with the coping mechanisms to recover. I now understand the triggers better and how to cope better.

Susan’s experience and knowledge means that she understands what’s happening physically and mentally when you’re stressed. I’m sure it was this combination that helped me recover much faster."

"I was having real trouble taking on too much at work and never saying no. I knew a restructure was coming up and I was desperate to show senior management how needed I was for the organisation.

It all came to a head during a particularly busy period. I had been running on adrenaline for so long and almost suddenly it all ran out. I felt exhausted and like I couldn't take one more thing on.

I spoke to Susan and she really helped me. Susan has an amazing style of being direct but also incredibly supportive. She coached me to understand what was happening and how to take back control again."

“I’ve been in my industry for many years and knew I was an experienced professional, yet I had real problems with self-esteem. I would read into feedback and always find the negative angle and I’d overthink any kind of constructive criticism. It would have a knock on impact on my home life with me feeling stressed and waking up in the night to go over it. Susan helped me immensely – she worked with me to try and get in the mind set of my colleagues so I could understand more what they were saying to me. Susan has this knack of getting to the root of the problem. She’s extremely solutions focussed. I trust Susan completely and would highly recommend her!”

“I can’t praise Susan highly enough – she is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and really supports you. Everything is so well explained by Susan and the advice she gives is priceless. She always kept me focused on what I wanted to eventually achieve and when things are tough she helps me to see that a difficult situation is solvable rather than a crisis.”

“Susan is a natural speaker and a true inspiration. Her energy and passion is infectious as she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience through her many examples and stories. A highly worthwhile investment for my company and myself.”

“I’ve been lucky in my career to have risen up the ranks very quickly but this left me feeling incredibly guilty. I convinced myself that I had no credibility and stopped asking questions which impacted my work. Just understanding that I was experiencing Imposter Syndrome and that it was quite common was such a help. Susan helped me to look constructively at myself. I have regular sessions with her to keep me on track and I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“I was getting to a stage in my career where I knew I needed to make a change (either in direction or specialise) and didn’t know what to do. All I needed was someone to be able to talk through things with me – a sounding board – so I could order my thoughts. I met Susan on a workshop she ran. She helped me to understand who I was, what I had to offer, what each direction meant and mapped everything against the aspirations in my life. Susan doesn’t give career or job advice – she gives life advice and I can’t help but do whatever she recommends – it works!”

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